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Our company, "Oro Verde Floricultura di R & G De Leo ", situated in Messina, was born in the 1960s as a company marketing. In the 70s turns into production company, by purchasing new land it undertook the production of the Kentia Palm from seed to finished product. During the following years we increased the production with chamaedorea, succulent plants and plumerias. Today, the third generation of the De Leo family combines traditional farming methods and respect for the environment ,technological systems for the heating and brightness of greenhouses and experimental farming methods, to ensure that plants are most suitable for their growth habitat, getting high quality products appreciated throughout Europe.
The fruitful collaboration with the Jungle Jack's company, in recent years has meant that we became its official growers and dealers in Europe. The Jungle Jack's collection is known throughout the world for the beauty, the scent of flowers and the compactness of the plants. We currently produce over 70 varieties of Jungle Jack's plumerias.

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unique plants in their class, decidedly grown in the best way.

Ferdinando Zaccone

I purchased 5 plumeria from the site, arrived in perfect condition. Communication with the staff of the company is very good, I also established a friendly relationship with all staff. If I were to give a final vote would definitely be a nice 10!

Maria Paleologo